Forward-looking and time-tested strength: New impulses at Schwarzmüller Group

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New impulses to corporate management: Lorenzer and Spindler join COO Thomas Biringer for a broader management team.

Schwarzmüller Group announces two new key management posts as a cornerstone of a promising future. In October 2023, Daniela Lorenzer was appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and in January 2024 Maik Spindler was appointed Chief Sales Officer (CSO). These decisions mark a major step of the strategic advancement of Schwarzmüller Group.

Daniela Lorenzer, born in 1977, gained comprehensive experience at MAGNA, both in the components business and in complete vehicle production, where she was Finance Leader. In the last two years, she has been focussing on acquiring new projects in an international environment. As CFO, she has been controlling all financial affairs of Schwarzmüller Group since October 2023. Maik Spindler, born in 1981, was appointed CSO at the beginning of January 2024 to account for advancing international strategic marketing. Maik Spindler gained years of experience in various management positions in the commercial vehicle industry. The Group harvests over a decade of competence he built up as the managing director of a leading European trading company for construction and handling machines.

The management of Schwarzmüller Group is convinced that Daniela Lorenzer’s and Maik Spindler’s combined experience, abilities and leadership qualities will be a major contribution to successful further development of the company.


Optimistic results after a challenging year: Successes and team spirit at Schwarzmüller

Headed by COO Thomas Biringer, Schwarzmüller Group mastered a challenging year marked by difficult market conditions and the intricacies of problematic supply chains. Despite the demanding situation, the company experienced a positive change during the last fiscal year such that a positive result is expected for 2023. After a stressful 2022 marked by increasing costs of materials and energy and an unsteady market environment, Schwarzmüller Group managed to yield a turnover of 390 million euros in 2023. Production output reached a very satisfactory 7,600 vehicles.

"We are looking forward to a positive 2023 result despite last year’s challenging situation. This is partly due to the tremendous efforts we took but not least a praise our employees and colleagues earned for their support and exceptional loyalty as the unwavering backbone of our company", says Thomas Biringer, COO of Schwarzmüller Group.

A particular highlight is the remarkable team spirit among the entire staff, who managed to get over the challenging reduction in working hours and operational changes. Despite increasing prices in their private lives, they all proved to be full of fighting spirit loyalty. Schwarzmüller Group is just as proud of its stout database of satisfied regular customers. Special attention should be drawn to some successful projects like our cooperation with the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (Technisches Hilfswerk, THW). THW adds social value and underlines Schwarzmüller Group’s commitment to social responsibility.


Pathway into the future: Focus on tailored products and sustainable growth

The senior managers just recently appointed are part of Schwarzmüller Group’s strategic aim of expanding its best-in-class position on the European marketplace and of providing tailored solution for maximum customer benefit. Schwarzmüller produces 150 different types of vehicles including over 100 trailers for construction and infrastructure. The range of long-haul platform vehicles covers specific variant for paper, steel and beverages. 60% of the vehicles feature individual components or are completely tailor-made to enable their adaptation to diverse application environments. Through its continuing innovations in design, metalworking and welding, Schwarzmüller sets the pace towards higher payloads, longer service times, easy handling and CO2 reduction.

By adding Hüffermann’s highly specialised and market-leading container transport trailer products to our company portfolio, Schwarzmüller could consolidate its position as the largest European niche supplier of trailers and bodies and is now ready to face a future based on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. The Group will continue to adapt the speed of its new design efforts and its main focus areas to actual market requirements in order to maintain and expand its leading position. Our confidence in the ability to master the challenges of our industry and to further advance our strengths are proof of Schwarzmüller Group’s foward-looking approach.


About the Schwarzmüller Group
Schwarzmüller Group is Europe’s most prominent niche supplier in the field of trailers and bodies. The company manufactures over 150 types of vehicles and claims to ensure added value for its customers by using these vehicles. In its long history since 1871, Schwarzmüller has become the leading specialist for tailored transport solutions. The company supplies its products of the Schwarzmüller and Hüffermann brands to the construction sector, infrastructure companies, the raw materials and recycling industries and long-haul transport services providers in 20 countries.

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From left to right: CSO Maik Spindler, CFO Daniela Lorenzer, COO Thomas Biringer Copyright: Schwarzmüller
Our success in 2023 is mainly based on the exceptional loyalty and the unwavering efforts of all our employees. Copyright: Schwarzmüller
Our success in 2023 is mainly based on the exceptional loyalty and the unwavering efforts of all our employees. Copyright: Schwarzmüller
Schwarzmüller and Hüffermann focus on continuous adaptation to changing market requirements and on providing maximum customer benefit. Copyright: Schwarzmüller
Schwarzmüller and Hüffermann focus on continuous adaptation to changing market requirements and on providing maximum customer benefit. Copyright: Schwarzmüller
Copyright: Schwarzmüller Group
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