General overhaul
of special vehicles 


With their highly specialised repair and service department, Hüffermann specialises in general overhauls of special vehicles and semitrailers for transporting volatile substances:

  • Preparation for paint jobs on trailers (disassembly, blasting, optional arc galvanisation, paint jobs and reassembly)
  • Overhauling / replacing brake systems and chassis (overhaul / replacing disc brakes (drum or disc), air bellows and shock absorbers, drawbars, turntables, etc.)
  • Reworking of lighting and pneumatic systems (complete replacement / expansion / conversion to LED technology, complete replacement of all pneumatic lines / valves and cylinders)
  • General work of chassis, e.g. axle attachments and add-on parts, repairs after breakage or wear


Error diagnostics:

The important diagnostic equipment is available:
Wabco, Knorr, Haldex (ABS/EBS), Hiab, Multilift, HMF, Meiller, Würth free diagnostics.

Maintenance and service on chassis, trailer bodies and trailers

Hydraulic systems:


  • Diagnostics and repair
  • Manufacturing of HD hoses by sample
  • Machining of HD cylinders
  • Determining hydraulic power data with existing testing technology


Walking floor repair:


  • Turning / replacing the floor profile
  • Part repairs
  • Aluminium welding
  • Complete replacement of the walking floor
  • Hydraulic systems and component service
  • Repair of side walls / rear doors, etc.
  • Accident repair




Conversions / retrofits:


  •  Turning assistant system
  • Reversing camera system
  • Radio remote control in the loading crane area & walking floor area
  • Load securing systems on Hüffermann trailers
  • Conversion from ABS to EBS on trailers
  • Conversion of the lights to LED



  • Repair of accident damages
  • Container repairs (e.g. replacing mounting brackets)
  • Replacing mounting hooks on hook loaders


Your contact:


Sandra Weiss

Administration / coordination

Phone: +49 33970 996 653