Hüffermann quality promise

Hüffermann products are exposed to the most varied environmental conditions every day. This places high demands on the material and paint job of the vehicles. Hüffermann makes use of state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee durable appearance, even under extreme operating conditions.

Steel structure

Only high-quality steel is used for every vehicle. After manufacturing, the chassis and its add-on parts are assembled by a fully automatic welding robot. Small and very small series are manually welded.

Individual surface treatment

1. Blasting system

  •  Fully-automated blasting system

  •  Manual post-processing


The foundation for a good surface coating by zinc spraying and/or painting is a pristine surface that is completely free of contamination, grease and foreign objects.

By combining a fully automatic sand blasting system with manual post-processing (blasting cabinet), we achieve a 100% pure and constant blasting pattern and a perfect surface structure to apply the desired coating and achieve durable performance.

2. OPTIONAL: Arc galvanising

  •  Operating reliability and value retention

  •  Chipping resistant, abrasion resistant

  •  High-quality appearance


Since the beginning of the 1990’s, Hüffermann delivers zinc-sprayed trailers to their customers, who use the vehicles under extreme environmental conditions. At the end of 2009, Hüffermann integrated arc galvanising in their in-house production to be able to perform surface coating in a timely manner.

The full-area arc galvanising with subsequent paint job guarantees a durable appearance, even under extreme conditions.

All add-on parts are available in galvanised versions. Axles, wheels, drawbars and assembly parts are treated with CDC (cathodic dip coating).

3. Paint job

  •  Unique colour schemes possible


All vehicles as well as their add-on parts can be designed with customised colours by the customer. After priming, the paint job is performed with a top coat with a high solid content, so that even the smallest cracks are covered.
After the assembly and the final approval of the vehicle from Quality Assurance, the vehicle is preserved at material contact points and transitions. Preservation is accomplished with a special cavity wax.


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