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With more than 1,100 registered trailers, the ambitious sales target for 2021 of the Schwarzmüller Group in the key market Poland has already been exceeded. Schwarzmüller's sales figures could be more than doubled compared with the level of sales prior to the coronavirus pandemic. "Our efforts in this market have paid off. We are able to implement our business model very dynamically with high-quality niche products. Here, the economic conditions continue to be positive," emphasised CEO Roland Hartwig on December 2nd at the company's Hanzig headquarters in Freinberg bei Schärding (Upper Austria).

This positive development is even more significant in incoming orders. In total, there were more than 1,600 incoming orders in 2021. This is almost three times as many as in 2019. Schwarzmüller's current market share in Poland is approximately 3.5 percent. From the broad portfolio of the Schwarzmüller Group, long-distance vehicles currently sell best in the Eastern European country. They currently account for approx. 80 percent. In particular, the new product line POWER LINE introduced in 2021 with less weight and improved performance has optimally supported the market offensive. Vehicles for construction and infrastructure account for 20 percent. In the future, targeted efforts will be made in order to become stronger in the latter sector. "This year, we have introduced our second brand Hüffermann in Poland. Hüffermann is the German market leader for container transport. As the waste disposal and recycling sector is growing strongly in Poland, there is a large demand for these high-quality vehicles in parallel," explains Hartwig.


Brand awareness and nationwide sales

The Upper Austrian premium manufacturer, which has become one of the largest providers of high-quality niche products in Europe, has been represented in Poland for a long time. Since the 1990s, the company has been represented there without establishing a nationwide presence. This is now in the past: "We use our reputation and the positive image of the brand to address our target group throughout the country. For this purpose, we have changed the organisation and established a nationwide sales structure, explains Dobrzynska Bluj, the director of the national subsidiary in Poland. Furthermore, positive framework conditions were created, e.g. by attractive leasing offers. In terms of maintenance and repair, the level normal for Schwarzmüller is to be reached quickly as well. "We are one of the few manufacturers in Europe that also establish real customer proximity via their own workshops," says CEO Hartwig.


Poland will play a key role in east-west-traffic

As the second-largest market for trailers in Europe, Poland has excellent prospects of sustainable success with high-quality investment goods as offered by Schwarzmüller. "Our primary target group is small and medium-sized businesses which make higher demands on their tools. Thanks to their better performance, our vehicles can contribute more to our commercial success," explains Hartwig. Poland is becoming the key economy between Eastern and Western Europe. Internationally important motorway, train and aviation hubs are already existing. The newly established supply chains between Eastern and Western Europe will soon run through this country more strongly.

In 2022, the new Schwarzmüller organisation, which has already been fully integrated into the group, is to be stabilised further in Poland. In any case, Schwarzmüller is on its way to achieve a two-digit market share. "In Germany, our market share has increased from 1.5 percent to almost 10 percent within five years. There is no reason as to why we could not achieve this in Poland as well," CEO Hartwig says confidently.


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The demand for Schwarzmüller's high-quality nice vehicles is increasing strongly in Poland.
Roland Hartwig has managed the company since 2016 and wants to achieve a two-digit market share in Poland.
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