The Hüffermann modular design offers two key advantages: individual design, which is tailored exactly to your requirements and high-quality production – 100% “Made in Germany” guaranteed. Hüffermann only uses first-class vehicle components from renowned manufacturers, so their durability pays off over the course of their service life.

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1. Chassis for container transport trailers


We install chassis from renowned manufacturers tailored to meet your needs:

  • Air suspension chassis with disc/drum brakes incl. axle load monitoring
  • Leaf spring chassis with drum brakes
  • Single tyres for consumption-optimised long-distance transport
  • Dual tyres for heavy-duty operation with load reserves
  • Lift devices as an option for three-axle or multi-axle trailers

2. Brake systems


Modern brake systems include an anti-lock braking system and electronic stability control. External operating and display devices as well as brake pad wear indicators are available as an option.

  • Knorr (TEBS)

3. Load securing system


The topic of load securing is paramount at Hüffermann since many years. Hüffermann has new vehicle developments tested by TÜV and DEKRA for load securing before they go into series production. The load securing requirements for transporting skip containers are diverse. Different container sizes with symmetrical or asymmetrical design, which have different widths and lengths for the contact surfaces, make this diversity a necessity. Special containers with subframes have other requirements.

The skip troughs are fastened on the trailer with combined load securing. The skip troughs are secured against sliding in the direction of travel and to the sides with adjustable stops. The containers are locked to the rear on the rear container mounting block with transverse lashing. The load is lashed with 2 tensioning chains, which are fastened with a special self-locking oval eye on the rear container mounting block and lashed down at a lashing angle of 35° - 60°. A chain shortener makes handling easier.

Operation: Pull the centring out of its guide sleeve and position it at the desired container width by turning. Spring force slides the centring into the desired centring position. Its 8-way adjustment option also allows you to set centring positions outside of standard container widths and comply with the maximum lateral play required by law.

Safety-Fix is based on ratchet tensioners that are fastened on both sides. After installing the chains, the driver uses them to pull the container up to the stops. Afterwards, the driver only needs to tension one chain on each vehicle side at a lashing angle of 35° to 60° to secure the container in the direction of travel with a positive-locking fit.

This securing system is a time-saving load securing system, which locks the skip containers on the tilt bearing according to DIN 30720 and 30720-1. The Multi-Fix compensates for differences in dimension on slightly bent tilt bearings and is pressed in a neutral position when transporting hooklift containers (Flex-Carrier). It is possible to transport swap compactors or skip containers with subframes.

4. Hitch


Hitches are configured according to the towing vehicle. Front-loaded trailers are usually equipped with a lowering device or, for central axle trailers, with a telescopic tow bar.

  • Standard: V-drawbar or fixed central tow bar
  • Special versions:
    • Centre pillar drawbars
    • Adjustable-length drawbars
    • Offset drawbars, fixed or with adjustable length
    • Drawbars with swivelling drawbar eyes

5. Lighting systems


Hüffermann trailers are equipped with partial LED lighting as a standard. As an option, additional lights can be installed:

  • Reversing or work lights
  • Warning lights and periphery lighting
  • "PS-FIX" parking light system
    Hüffermann offers the PS-Fix autonomous lighting system for more safety. The parking light system has a battery capacity of approx. 48 h and offers four functions: Parking light. Warning flashing function, auxiliary lights, and flashing light

6. Storage compartments and variations


Hüffermann offers storage compartments in different variations, to suit the purpose of the trailer. As a result, covering nets or tarpaulins, tools, auxiliary material, pallets, etc. can be safely carried.

  • Sheet steel storage compartments
  • Stainless steel storage compartments
  • Net compartments
  • Pallet boxes
  • Post compartments

7. Container covering systems


In collaboration with the manufacturer Transcover, Hüffermann offers different covering systems for different applications with hook loaders and skip loaders. Whether it be a pure roller system with manual pullout or as an electric system with the associated remote control, for convenient operation from the ground. With Hüffermann and Transcover, you will find a system that is suitable for your purpose.

  • For hook loaders
  • For skip loaders
  • For trailers
    • Mini HyCover / V-Cover
    • Single and double head versions

8. Hüffermann elegance edition equipment package


The visually and technically high-quality equipment package for the Skid-, Roll-, Flex,-  and Vario-Carrier:

  • Alloy wheels
  • Stainless steel box
  • Closed side collision protection
  • Polished tail lights carrier
  • Polished centre panel
  • One LED reversing light
  • Arc galvanising

9. Accessories / options


  • Vehicle labelling, signs
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Lubrication systems
  • Broom and shovel holder
  • Rear area monitoring
  • Camera systems
  • Tyre inflation pressure monitoring systems
  • Telematic systems


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