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Our services include in addition to repair, maintenance and care work, also vehicle inspections on trucks, crane trucks, buses and trailers of your company. From safety inspections and emissions tests on vehicle repairs to painting, our experienced team completes it all for you using advanced technology. Gladly we will available to you on the weekend and endeavored to get your vehicles quickly to the rolls.

Our Service offer:

  • Repair, maintenance services, as well as inspections on trucks, crane trucks, buses and trailers

  • technical  Support for expert advice

The following vehicle inspections are carried ou

  • AU – Exhaust emissions test for diesel vehicles

  • HU – Main investigation by DEKRA

  • SP–Safety check§29 by DEKRA

  • UVV – UVV VBG 9 Revision of cranes and lifting vehicles with repair

  • VDO/Kienzle – Tachograph installation and verification §57b

  • ABS/EBS – Retrofitting and Verification at trailer, Knorr und Wabco

  • NFZ-Elekric – pneumatic – hydraulic-  Verification and repair (leading manufacturer)

    • Diagnostics via OBD interface NFZ (leading manufacturer)
    • Welding repairs to equipment and vehicles made of steel and aluminum
    • Brake repair
      • Disc brakes, drum brakes all leading axle manufacturer at trailer
      • Machining brake Drawing vehicles
      • Diagnosis: mechanical, electrical / electric and pneumatic


UVV Revision of cranes and lifting vehicles with repair

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technical support

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 Our technical support number is available Monday-Friday after business hours in the period 16-20 pm and Saturdays from 8 am - 12 am.

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Load securing

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Because safety comes first!
For further information about cargo securing systems Multi-Fix, Positioning- Fix, Safety- Fix, the combined load securing and Centering- Fix, click here.


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