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In we manufacture modern transport systems "made in Germany". So we offer with the roll-carriers for years a robust, payload-optimized trailer for the transport of roll-off containers according to DIN 30722. Our modular system provides for every application the right solution - whether in the container service or long-distance transport. That means for our customers: You get "just in time" your individual vehicle configuration...


Modular system chassis

Depending on the trailer type there are fixed chassis lengths and designs to choose from, which can be manufactured with little design effort individually for the customer.

RollCarrier 05 576x340

Your benefits:

  • Individual vehicle configuration
  • User-friendly construction
  • long experience with roll-off vehicles
  • Manufactured in Germany


Front- and Rear load

If you have small courtyards with very little room to maneuver, the front loading of the roll-carrier is a huge advantage. In addition, the container is loadable from the trailer rear - for uncomplicated handling.


Your benefits:

  • Loadable from both sides
  • Little maneuvering space
  • Drawbar lowering standardized

Tri-axle Version

With the 3-axle design, we offer a transport solution for heavy duty applications in the construction industry and the scrap disposal. As an optional extra for the 3-axle chassis, we offer a lifting axle with automatic control.


Your benefits:

  • High payload
  • Effective on short distance
  • proven material
  • Durable in use

Tiltable Roll-Carrier

To lock the roll-off containers there are two tipping frame variants: standard, the containers are locked to the C-bags and drove to the trailer rear in overhang. Alternatively provides a tilting frame with container roller stop. A slide (200 mm) compensates the missing container overhang.

Abrollanhänger kippbar

Your benefits:

  • Little maneuvering space
  • High stability at tilting
  • extremely robust

Payload optimized Variant

High Container?  Heavy  load? Difficult driving situation? The Roll-Carrier maintains at transport always its driving stability.

  • Hüffermann provides a payload optimized chassis with 9 t
  • Tyres  385/55 R 22,5, 4-old on Aluminium wheels

Abrollanhänger nutzlastoptimiert

Your benefits:

  • Payload advantage
  • Constructed for long distances
  • driving without lane changing undercarriage

Long beam construction

An integrated longitudinal beam (profile shape trademark protected) with optimized material thickness guarantees a smooth container transport. The low-wear runway with a rounded centering edge provides security and distinguishes itself even after a long time a consistently attractive appearance.

Abrollanhänger Profil

Your benefits:

  • Durable in use
  • Low runway wear
  • Safety at container loads and unloads
  • Extremely robust

Load securing

An important issue in the always thinks ahead. This proves our patented and certified pneumatic 4-fold container locking. It is extremely powerful, low-maintenance and easy to repair. Additionally in practice it turns out: it provides high reliability!

MultiCarrier Ladungssicherung 276px

Your benefits:

  • Durable in use
  • Low noise pollution
  • low maintenance
  • reliable load securing
  • Extremely robust
  • Experienced construction
Little maneuvering space

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