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MultiCarrier 15 576x340

The multifunction trailer is a combination of low loader and transport vehicle for swap bodies, a true multi-functional talent !!
The Multi-Carrier fulfills countless tasks and transports in its basic version roll-off container, pallets, lattice boxes, long materials, lumber, trees, shrubbery, cars, trucks, vans, forklifts, mini excavators, wheel loaders as well as rubber-tired backhoe and more.


Bi-axle for roll-off containers

Multi-Carrier in bi—axle version for roll-off containers and Machines with a payload of 15000 kg technically.

MultiCarrier 14 576x340

Your benefits:

  • Multifunctional talent
  • Payload gigant
  • User- friendly construction
  • robust construction

Central- axle version for roll-off containers

Multi-Carrier in central- axle version for roll-off containers and machines with a payload of 14700 kg technically.

MultiCarrier 02 576x340

Your benefits:

  • Agile
  • Payload gigant
  • easy handling
  • robust construction

Tri-axle for roll-off – and settling containers

Multi-Carrier in tri-axle version for roll-off containers and settling containers as well as machines with a payload of 22000 kg technically.

MultiCarrier 12 567x340

Your benefits:

  • Variable in use
  • Robust constuction
  • User-friendly handling
  • Checked load securing

Multi-Carrier tri-axle with wheel recesses

Multi-Carrier Typ 2872 with a sliding tarpaulin roof for a heavy construction machine in combination with wheel recesses. Payload 21000 kg technically.

MultiCarrier 06 576x340

Your benefits:

  • Protected transportation of machines
  • Robust construktion
  • User-friendly construction

Multi-Carrier tri-axle for the transport of car bodies

Multi-carrier type HPA 2893 without container facilities. The loading platform is designed with an 8 mm thick sturdy base and a stable edge protection specifically for the demolition area or scrap collection. The telescopic EXTE stanchions are repositioned as needed. Under the chassis are mounted three pairs of extendable stake pockets, which can be locked onto a vehicle width of 2750 mm.

MultiCarrier 04 576x340


Multi-Carrier tri-axle for the roof truss transportation

Multi-carrier type HPA 2893 without container equipment for construction logistics. The loading platform is designed with integrated lashing points stanchion pockets as well as twist-locks

MultiCarrier 01 576x340

MultiCarrier 07 576x340

Your benefits:

  • User- friendly construction

Multi-Carrier with board panels

Multi-Carrier with removable aluminum side walls. When carrying the roll-off container or the settling container the side walls are stowed in the special transport box.
This pendant is ideal for transporting Machines, pallets, counterweights for mobile cranes or special transports.


MultiCarrier 05 576x340



Your benefits:

  • Universally applicable
  • Checked load securing
  • User- friendly construction
  • Storage space for side panels

Multi-Carrier with 20` ISO-Container receiving

Multi-Carrier Type 2472 for the transport of roll-off containers. With a 20 'ISO recording for loading ISO containers or special devices.

MultiCarrier 03 576x340

Your benefits:

  • Useful in various cases
  • ISO Containerreceiving
  • For roll-off containers
  • Robust construction

Tri-axle for roll-off containers / high wheel vehicles

Multi-Carrier in triaxial design for roll-off containers or heavy construction equipment associated with wheel recesses. Payload of 21000 kg technically.

MultiCarrier 08 576x340

MultiCarrier 16 576x340

Your benefits:

  • Multifunctional
  • Robust construction
  • Clever construction


The ramps are at the series trailer on the rear side in a lockable storage space. At the rear of the vehicle, the ramps are hooked on a support rail can be infinitely adjusted laterally. Hüffermann provides ramps made of light metal in two load versions. Axle load: 7,500 / 10,000 kg

MultiCarrier 13 576x340

Your benefits:

  • Easy Handling
  • Laterally adjustable
  • Light and robust construction

Combined Load securing

Through a combined cargo securing the skip containers are mounted on the Multi-Carrier. The skips are secured against slipping in the direction of travel laterally by adjustable stops. Following behind the tank at the rear containers – receiving piston locked by Inclined. Is lashed with 2 tension chains, which secured a special, self-locking eyelet Oval at the rear container-receiving piston the lashing angle of 35 ° - 60 ° can be lashed down. A Shortening clutch facilitates handling.

MultiCarrier 11 576x340


Load securing

An important issue at which Hüffermann always thinks ahead. This proves our patented certified pneumatic 4-fold container locking. It is extremely powerful, low-maintenance, easy to repair. And in practice it turns out: It provides high reliability!

MultiCarrier Ladungssicherung 276px


Load securing Centering-Fix

Hüffermann attaches great importance to a fast re-equipped cargo securing in order to avoid time-consuming adjustments at different settling containers. At the Multi-Carrier the patented centering Fix helps you to adjust the lateral thrust-locking.

Zentrierfix 576x340



Each multifunction trailer is a single piece, which is compiled individually from the proven Hüffermann modular system depending on customer demand. There are four different chassis lengths in two- or three-axle bogie design or in a central-axle design.

MultiCarrier 09 576x324

MultiCarrier 10 576x413

The ramps are at the series trailer on the rear side in a lockable storage space. At the rear of the vehicle, the ramps are hooked on a support rail can be infinitely adjusted laterally. Hüffermann provides ramps made of light metal in two load versions. Axle load: 7,500 / 10,000 kg

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