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MiniCarrier 06 576x340

The Mini-Carrier is an agile, payload optimized trailer in central-axle design for settling container in accordance with DIN 30720 / 30720-1. It is specifically designed for the site assembly and the disposal area for urban short-haul operations. The Mini-Carrier is a payload giant, which quickly attached and with a low fuel overhead with-rolls. The Mini-Carrier has space in a parking space, so that the driver can make the change of container traffic in dense urban area quickly.


City-Concept for settling container vehicles

Hüffermann designed demountable complete trains that are perfect for use at narrow loading points perfect - in the city center, at the hospital waste disposal, construction sites or sewage treatment plants. The trailer is designed for front load. The user saves the maneuvering for rear loading.

MiniCarrier 04 576x298

MiniCarrier 05 576x154


Your benefits:

  • Front load
  • little maneuvering space
  • time saving handling

Combined Load securing

Through a combined load securing the skips are mounted on the Mini-Carrier. The skips are secured against slipping in the direction of travel and laterally by adjustable stops. To the rear the container is locked by inclined lashing at the receiving piston. It is lashed with 2 tension chains, which secured a special, self-locking oval eyelet at the rear container receiving flask and the lashing angle of 35 ° - 60 ° can be lashed down. A shortening clutch facilitates handling.

MiniCarrier 07 576x340



Safety-Fix is a time saving securing system. It is based on both sides mounted ratchet tensioners. After connecting the chain, the driver pulls the container with their help to the attacks. Only one chain per vehicle side, he must then tighten the lashing angle of 35 to 60 degrees in order to secure the container in a form-fitting direction.

MiniCarrier 08 576 450


Chainless Load securing


This positioning device up to 12 cubic meters of large settling container can be transported safely. It is perfectly centered and horizontally adjustable mounted on the trailer. For locking uses the chainless operating system one of the bearings on the skip. According to DIN 30720-1 such bearing are prescribed front and rear for new settling container. Thanks to positioning Fix the driver also saves up to 90% time during loading and unloading, without the risk of catching your fingers.

MiniCarrier 09 576x373


Load securing Zentrier-Fix

The centering of its guide sleeve pull and position by turning to the desired container width. By elastic force, the centering slides into the desired centering position. Due to the 8-times adjustable also centering positions outside the container standard widths can be adjusted and meet the prescribed by the legislature maximum side clearance.

Zentrierfix 576x340



Your benefits:

  • Easy Handling
  • Robust Technology
  • Various container widths

Mini-Carrier Variants


MiniCarrier 02 252x130


MiniCarrier 01 252x130


MiniCarrier 03 252x130


HPA 20 Zweiachsige Ausführung

hpa20 zweiachsige-ausfuehrung

HPT 21 Tandem Ausführung

hpt21 tandem-ausfuehrung

HPA 24 Dreiachsige Ausführung 

hpa24 dreiachsige-ausfuehrung

HPT 25 Tridem Ausführung

hpt25 tridem-ausfuehrung

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