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Trailer Skid-Carrier


For the transportation of Roll-off Containers
according to DIN 30722.



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The skid carrier HSA is a robust, optimized payload trailer for transport of roll-off containers according to DIN 30722. Hüffermann offers with its modular system for every application the right solution for the container service or long-distance transport.

Using modern display options we can configure your trailer and represent optimal already on the computer. Here, individual modules can be displayed or hidden.


Skid- Carrier with fork lift recording at rear

The trailer rear is specially designed for the relevant transportable forklifts. Warning: the truck may only be transported in connection with a roll- off containers.

6 Stapler

Your benefits:

  • Flexible in use
  • Fast forklift handling
  • TÜV certified


Skid- Carrier for frontload

If you have on small courtyards little room to maneuver, the front loading of the slide carrier is an enormous advantage.

3 HSA Front


Your benefits:

  • Frontload
  • Little maneuvering space
  • Standardized drawbar lowering


Tri-axle version

With the 3-axle design, we offer a transport solution for heavy duty applications in the construction industry and the scrap disposal. As an optional extra for the 3-axle chassis, we offer a lifting axle with automatic control. Description: Optimized payload. With single- tyred chassis.

2 HSA 3 Achser

Your benefits:

  • High payload
  • Effective in container service and long- distance transport
  • Proven materials
  • Durable in use


Equipment for round silos

Hüffermann Skid- Carrier HSA 1870-265LS for high payloads

5 Silo PFT


Your benefits:

  • Payload advantage
  • Quick changeover to roll-off containers or silo transportation


Payload optimized versions

Skid- Carrier HSA 1870-385LS in payload optimized version 2.900 kg

4 HSA Leichtläufer


Your benefits:

  • Payload advantage
  • Suited for distance- transportation
  • Track holding under carriage


Chassis construction

An integrated longitudinal beam design with optimized material thickness guarantees a smooth container transport. The container is set to the removable storage device to the carriage and rolled over the chassis. Containers with defective rollers and various container lengths or trash compactors with additional rolls are not a problem for the skid carrier. Hüffermann has the trailer tail designed by the skid carrier that the slide is positioned in an inclined position in order to simplify the container about setting process.

SchlittenCarrier 05

Your benefits:

  • Durability
  • Low runway wear
  • Safety at container exchange
  • Extremely robust


Load securing

A patented and certified, low noise, pneumatic 4-fold container lock in very low-maintenance and repair-friendly design provides a durable and reliable load securing.

MultiCarrier Ladungssicherung 276px

Your benefits:

  • Durability
  • Low noise pollution
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reliable load securing
  • Extremely robust
  • Many years of experience

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