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The fast and chainless load securing device

Another new element in our comrehensive load securing concept is the Positioning Fix. This world innovation contains automatically controlled locking hooks, which sit centered on the trailer and use for arresting one of the nearings at the skips.

The new Positioning Fix allowsup to twelve cubic meters of secure large setting container quickly and effectively. The driver only has to provide the setting container via skip loader on the trailer frame and snap the reainer bearing the container in Positioning Fix. The hook design locks automatically and locks the container in an optimal position on the trauler vehicle. If the container does not even have to be properly engaged and locked, an integrated immobilizer prevents to start in spite of of load securing.

Positionier Fix 576x340

The lateral form closure takes over the proven Hüffermann-assurance system "Centering fix". There is in this case of two eccentrically mounted and variably adjustable stops. These yellow “assurance mushrooms” are spring-loaded. To adjust to the respective width of the container the driver lifts them briefly, turns it into the appropriate position and can snap back by releasing them easily. All components of the positioning Fix are basically standard built and supplied spray-galvanized.

With the new Hüffermann-assurance system, operators can save approximately 80 to 90 percent of the time for loading and unloading. The fact that this type of load securing is no tension chains for securing the settling container, eliminating the time-consuming lashing on both sides of the container. The positioning Fix alone holds the container in every driving situation safely on the trailer. That have extensive driving tests at the DEKRA Technology Center in Klettwitz revealed. The expert organization has the new system already certified. The positioning of Hüffermann Fix meets all requirements of VDI guideline 2700, Part 1.

Your benefits:

  • Time saving system
  • Optimum occupational safety
  • User- friendly

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