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Load securing

  • introduce Load securing

    The load securing is at for years of high priority. New vehicle developments are tested at Hüffermann by TÜV and DEKRA on load securing, before they go into production. The requirements of load securing for settling container transport are manifold. Different container sizes in symmetrical or asymmetrical design, which are carried out on the contact surfaces of different width and length make this diversity necessary. Further demands are made by special container subframes.

  • Positionier-Fix


    The chainless load securing.

    Kategoriebild Positionier Fix
  • Combined Load securing

    Combined load securing

    For the save transport of settling containers.

    Kategoriebild kombinierte Ladungssicherung
  • Safety-Fix


    The time saving  securing system.

    Kategoriebild Safety Fix
  • Centering-Fix


    The lateral securing at container transport.

    Kategoriebild Zentrierfix
  • Multi-Fix en


    The multifunctional chainless load securing.

    Kategoriebild Multifix

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