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Industry solutions Roll-off container transportation

Roll-off container transportation

Vehicle systems for effective
transport of roll-off containers.

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Roll-off container transportation

Optimum solutions for the transport of roll-off containers – for all industries!

JDecades of experience makes our products and services custom solutions for your transport tasks. We offer more than just the vehicle technology. Whether overall concepts of structure, Trailers and containers, whether buying, leasing, financing or used vehicles: We have the solution!

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Train combination Roll-Carrier

Our outer roller chain is the complement to any standard hook lift vehicle. It requires little maintenance, if desired arc-galvanized, is equipped with a low-noise low-tension latch and external rolling-centering. Economical, ecological, safe! Through our modular design we can offer you the outer roller trailer system suitable for you.

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Train combination Slide-Carrier

Our Slide Carrier is the result of the consistent implementation of decades of experience in this segment of the automobile industry. Suitable for different types of swap bodies (optional also silos and swap bodies), it features the highest payloads, operating safety and durability. By Hüffermann modular system we can offer you the best for you Slide Carrier system.

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Train combination Volumax

Our logistical concept for distance transport of lightweight recyclable materials, waste wood or other goods ie: volume transport. Due to the low height of a similar truck chassis can be even in conjunction with hook loaders useful volume about 100 cbm reach. Hüffermann offers both: a payload-optimized, low hook lift and a corresponding slide trailers. Roll-off containers in special lightweight construction up to a length of Li = 7,700 / 7,200 mm (tunnel degree) and capacity to 54 cbm are available.

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Standard-hook lift

Hook lift to 26 t chassis: detailed solutions for maximum customer benefit. Hüffermann mounted F.X.MEILLER Roll-off tipper bodies and combines these with unique components: for example, underrun protection devices, screw-mounting brackets or multifunction consoles. The high-quality assembly of a certified body manufacturer guarantees a long life.

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Hook lift up to 30 t capacity

If there may be something more: equipment for heavy-duty applications. Exchange devices with a lifting and tipping capacity of up to 30 t are mounted on 4-axle chassis or semitrailer. Fields of application are, for example: demolition and earthworks, scrap and sludge transport. Again Hüffermann offers components from the proven modular system.

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Hook lift for light chassis

We offer hook lift for trucks from a gross vehicle weight of 3.5t. For gardening and landscaping, urban use or  craft businesses: Exchange container logistics can also make sense "in miniature" we offer thereto the right devices and for trucks with ZGG more than 7.5 t, the corresponding trailer

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Special Train combinations

Today for the export area,  tomorrow for the German market: More tonnage/more volume. Hüffermann trailer offers up to 30t(3-axle) or 38t (4-axle) total weight and for overall train length of up to 25.25 m. Again, coming back to the tried and tested modular for use - we are prepared for the future!

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Combine variably

Our platform trailers can transport almost everything besides roll-off containers. Would you care for a small selection of recent applications ? There you go: pallets, lattice boxes, long materials, lumber, trees, shrubbery, cars, trucks, vans, forklifts, mini excavators, wheel loaders, rubber-tired excavator, 2x10 'ISO-containers or 20' ISO containers, mobile dispensaries, emergency control centers. Submit your transportation task!

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Quick change systems

A chassis for various tasks: superstructures exchange for increasing the capacity. Is a pure hook lift vehicle not utilized to its limit or are other objects in addition to the classic container transport at maximum payload important, Hüffermann offers various quick-change systems. Thus, it changes from the hook lift truck to a tipping truck, an self-loader, a disposal vehicle - with payload advantage!

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