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Industry solutions Skip container transportation

Skip container transportation

Fahrzeugsysteme zum effektiven
Transport von Absetzbehältern

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Skip container transportation

Optimal solutions for the transport of skip containers - for all industries!

Decades of experience make our products and services individual solutions for your transport tasks. We offer more than just the vehicle technology.
Whether overall concepts of construction, trailers and containers, whether buying, leasing, financing or used vehicles: We have the solution!

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Train combination Vario Carrier

Our trailers for settling containers are the optimal addition to any standard demountable vehicle. The Vario Carrier is a robust, payload optimized 2-or 3-axle trailer for transporting settling containers according to DIN 30720 / 30720-1. Hüffermann offers with its modular system for every application the right solution, whether with twin tyred chassis for heavy duty applications in the container service or with single tyred suspension for the long distance transportation.

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Train combination Flex Carrier

Our combi trailers for settling and roll-off containers make your fleet more flexibly. The Flex-Carrier is based on the roll-carriers chassis and is a robust, payload optimized 2- or 3-axle trailer for transporting 5500 mm - 7000 mm long roll-off containers according to DIN 30722 or 5 cbm - 10 cbm settling containers according to DIN 30720 / 30720-1.

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Train combination Mini Carrier

Our "small" tandem trailer for skips doubled the transport volume of your tipping container - even when things get tight. The compact design, the maneuverability of the train is held especially in urban areas or on building sites in a practical framework, the implementation of load securing in accordance with applicable guidelines goes without saying.

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Standard Skip loaders

Skip loaders on 18- or 26-t chassis: quality construction montages, Hüffermann mounted MEILLER Skip loader bodies and combines these with unique components. The high-quality installations and the coloring of a certified body manufacturer guarantee a long life.

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Special construction solutions

Skip loaders for special purposes, eg. Crane combinations and winter maintenance equipment. Hüffermann provides an optimal solution for every application. We agree with the chassis-supplier on the technical framework, assemble high-quality components for your individual application.

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Skip loaders systems for confined spaces - you take the advantage! So far Skip loaders often drive solo, if it is "narrow". Hüffermann offers a trailer, which can be loaded from the front via a telescopic draw tube. The overall concept includes the remote control, the fastest load securing "Positioning- Fix" and trailer matching. Result: the required maneuvering space is significantly reduced, in little time.

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Quick- change systems

A chassis for various tasks: bodies exchange for increasing the capacity. Can a pure Skip loaders vehicle not utilized to its limit or are other objects in addition to the classic container transport at maximum payload important, Hüffermann offers various quick-change systems. Thus, from the example skip loader truck for a winter service or (crane) flatbed vehicle - With payload advantage! Alternatively, a semitrailer tractor can be converted into a vehicle for removable Skip loaders.

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Load securing

Whether Skip loader construction or trailer. We provide the right container security. The load securing has been in the foreground at Hüffermann for years. The requirements of load securing when settling container transport are manifold. Different container sizes in symmetrical or asymmetrical design, which are carried out on the contact surfaces of different width and length make this diversity necessary. Further demands are met by special container subframes.

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