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Industry solutions Construction and demolition

Construction and demolition

Universal and durable complete systems for
construction and demolition companies

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Construction and demolition

Universal and durable complete systems for construction an demolition companies

Hüffermann offers the complete range for transport of swap bodies. But even more: Cranes, quick-change systems, Skips and bunks. Decades of experience make us your ideal partner when it comes to transportation technology for the construction and demolition sector. We install only high quality components to meet your individual requirements.

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Transport- and assembly trains

One of our strengths: complete systems, consisting of chassis construction with crane and additional equipment as well as a trailer for the particular purpose. We meet your requirements: loading and assembly crane bodies, accessories such as electric generators or special tools, transport trays, central axle or turntable trailers in any length and design - to the appropriate load securing systems. With us you get everything from one source!

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Self-load vehicles

Labor and transportation vehicles in one: self-loaders offer for smaller jobs considerable advantages. The combinations of a B4-crane with a tipper body, in cramped conditions replace a construction machine and a dump truck. Especially with smaller demolition earthworks or loading work accounts for costly transportation of diggers or loaders. We offer individual solutions for your operations.
e trailers in any length and design - to the appropriate load securing systems. With us you get everything from one source!

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Quick-change Systems

A chassis for various tasks: bodies exchange for increasing the utilization. Is a single, specific vehicle not utilized to its limit or are other tasks besides the actual application at maximum payload important  then Hüffermann offers various quick-change systems. Thus, the hook lift truck becomes a dump truck, a self-loader, a crane truck, etc. - with payload advantage!

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Plateau Trailer

Our Plateau Trailer HPA can transport almost everything next to swap bodies - especially in the construction sector. Small selection of recent applications complacent? There you go: pallets, lattice boxes, long material, Lumber, trees, shrubbery, cars, trucks, vans, forklifts, mini diggers, wheel loaders, rubber-tired diggers, 2 x 10 'ISO-containers or 20' ISO containers, mobile dispensaries, emergency control centers. Give us your transportation task!

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Central axle-Plateau Trailer

With the Hüffermann plateau trailers, we offer an ideal transportation system that is closely matched to the interchangeable container operation. A special feature are the rear side retractable aluminum loading ramps, which are carried on the trailer. The loader is suitable for the transport of roll-off containers according to DIN 30722 as well as construction vehicles.

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Crane- and tipper bodies

Whether classic or charging robust crane for grab operation, whether steel or aluminum construction, universal solutions are our strength. Beyond the business solutions of chassis manufacturers Hüffermann provides tailored constructions for all tasks related to the fields of construction and demolition.

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Roll- off vehicles and swap bodies

Suitable for all applications is a roll-off container with or without loading crane, which can optionally also be added on both sides. A both sides loadable container additionally offers the possibility to load also a second container on a trailer from the motor vehicle. In combination with a laterally tiltable swap body is a three-way tipper from a hook lift.

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