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A Trailer for swap bodies and hooklift containers

Neustadt/Dosse 09.11.2020

A new trailer from Hüffermann Transportsysteme closes a gap in transport logistics. It can pick up and transport both swap bodies and hooklift containers.

Users in Germany and Austria from the recycling industry, for example, use the trailer on two days to transport swap bodies and the rest of the working week for  hooklift container logistics. Adaptation to the respective transport task is quick, carried out by hand and with on-board equipment.

The vehicle construction company from Neustadt also offers completely ready-to-use articulated trucks, i.e. trucks with a built-on hook roll-off tipper for DIN 30722 containers and also equipped to accommodate swap bodies and the trailer. This makes it possible, for example, to deliver swap bodies on an outward journey and to transport DIN 30722 containers as well as mixed configurations with the same vehicle on the return or onward journey.

For haulage, recycling and transport companies, a motor vehicle with a detachable hooklift body may also be the better choice. This depends on the transport volume and local conditions, or if unusual container dimensions in height and length occur in the logistics chain. Thanks to a length-adjustable draw tube and its low body height, the centre-axle trailer is compatible with all roll-on/roll-off containers, 20" ISO containers and swap bodies currently on the market.


The volume carrier in detail  

The centre axle trailer is optionally equipped with 22.5 inch single tyre axles, disc brakes and air suspension for high load capacity. For loading a roll-off container with the truck hook device, the trailer is equipped with two drop supports at the rear and two wind-adjustable pendulum foot supports from Jost at the front to ensure a safe stand. In the case of a swap body, the trailer is lowered via the air suspension and pushed under the swap body. Height-adjustable Jost twistlock fasteners take up the swap body and fix it to the removable underframe support.

Additional equipment packages, AirSave axles or a self-sufficient parking light for parked trailers are not missing either. The Park Safety Fix, PS-Fix for short, which was developed together with Hella, has been part of the range for some time now and can be integrated into the trailer without any problems with Hella's LED lighting system. Operation is extremely simple. As long as the trailer is coupled to the towing vehicle and supplied with power, no functions of PS-Fix can be used. After disconnecting the power supply from the tractor vehicle, PS-Fix is active. The lighting of the parked trailer can now be selected at the push of a button. As standard, the hazard warning flasher function and the parking light are preset. 

All components are housed in a 30 x 22 x 20 centimetre, robust and lockable box. The largest component is the 24-volt battery, which can supply power for up to 48 hours for the self-sufficient lighting. The battery is charged via the power supply from the motor vehicle. Additional plug connections from the motor vehicle to the trailer are not necessary, attach the drawbar, connect the power and compressed air - that's it. An intelligent charge management system with charge current limitation to a maximum of 10 amperes ensures a long battery life. The self-sufficient lighting increases the passive safety of a parked trailer and is already standard in Scandinavia.

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