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Hüffermann milestone


Panorama  Hffermann 264x166

2013 – Hüffermann celebrates 100 years company tradition

On 01.03.2013 the company Hüffermann looks back on a 100-year company tradition and celebrates this summer with an exhibition at the plant in Neustadt / Dosse

Hüffermann Mittelstandspreis 2009

2009 – Hüffermann receives award for Middle Class

The company in Neustadt/Dosse was awarded the "Grand Prix of the middle class" by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation and sat down against 3,366 Companies throughout Germany

HN Logo halle 264x166

2005 – Rebranding

From Hüffermann vehicle and steel construction became Hüffermann Transport Systeme GmbH. The export rate rose in the following two years from 7 to 30%.

HN Gelaende Nst 264x127

2002 – Product adaptation and restructuring due to increased market demands

A  reorganization is inevitable. Hüffermann focuses on the location Neustadt/ Dosse and the trailer manufacturing.

Historie Neustadt 264x166

1990 – Another location

The company has grown to 100 employees. Rolf Hüffermann uses the reunification as an opportunity and takes over a so-called county-cooperative of Agricultural Technology in Neustadt / Dosse with well-trained and highly motivated workforce. In parallel, the sales in Wildeshausen is expanded.

Bild Hüffermann Werk Neustadt kurz nach der Übernahme

1976 – Hüffermann in the third generation

Rolf Hüffermann enters the company. Since 1973 more waste must be collected and transported over long distances due to the waste disposal law.  An opportunity which the company took and developed charging techniques for waste disposal vehicles.

Hüffermann alte Werkstatthalle

1960er –Trucks in the agricultural sector

The role of trucks in the agricultural sector becomes progressively important and also Hüffermann responds to this tendency and increasingly manufactures trailers for trucks.

Historie Werkstatt 264x166

1945 - The new generation

Nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg steigt Sohn Rudolf Hüffermann in die Firma ein.

Meisterbrief von Wilhelm Hueffermann 264x166

1913 – A forge for horseshoes

Founder Wilhelm Hüffermann founded a forge for horseshoes and manufactures carriages and later trailers for agriculture. For this step, he had not more than a good dose of courage, idealism and especially ambition.

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