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Requirements of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001

This certificate attests that our company meets all the requirements of the management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001. The certification ensures, exceeding the pure quality of the product, comprehensive measures, which clearly define the overall processes within the company.
This standard describes exemplarily the entire Quality Management System and is based on a comprehensive quality management system.
The eight quality management principles:

1. customer-oriented approach
2. Responsibility of management
3. Integration of people involved
4. Process Oriented Approach
5. System orientated approach to management
6. Continuous Improvement
7. Objective decision-making approach
8. Supplier relationships for mutual


bescheinigung din 18800 7 g

Certificate over Qualification of the manufacturer for welding steel structures according to DIN 18800-7; 2008-11

The issue of a certificate of manufacturer qualification for welding steel structures according to DIN 18800-7 is the basis for welding of structural components and constructions of steel structure in building inspection area. This is necessary because for the welding of load-bearing structures made of steel special skills and experience are required. Companies which want to run such welding in the workshop or on site, for repair, must have proved their suitability.

For steel structures with "not predominantly static loading" e. g.: cranes, bridges manufacturer qualification Class E shall be issued in accordance with the additional requirements. Evidence attesting that the technical and personnel requirements, and the specific expertise of the welding coordinators exists.


zertifikateba g

Certificate welding and rail vehicles- and vehicle parts according to DIN EN 15085-2 certification level CL 1

With the "certificate for welding according to DIN EN
15085-2" the national safety authority in Germany, the Federal Railway Authority (EBA) approved manufacturer certification body SLV Berlin Brandenburg confirms the welding shop and manufacturer Hüffermann transportation systems fulfilling the
European Standard EN 15085 Railway applications -
Welding of railway vehicles and
their parts in the certification level CL 1. With which the welding operation is entitled to carry out new construction, renovation and repair work, eg Bogie (head support, solebar, bogie frames), base (stem, crossmember assembly) Vehicle bodies (end walls, side walls), etc. The EN
15085 with the certification level CL 1 calls on the quality requirements of EN ISO 3834-2 and extends


zertifikat din en iso 3834 2 gr

DIN EN ISO 3834-2 – quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials

Processes such as fusion welding are used extensively to manufacture many products. These processes have a major impact on the production costs and the quality of the product. Therefore it is important to ensure that these processes are carried out in the most effective manner and that for all operations appropriate monitoring are provided. The specification of quality requirements for welding processes is important because the quality of these processes can not be readily verified. Therefore, they are also referred to as special processes.

Precisely for this purpose serves DIN EN ISO 3834 in which the quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials in workshops and on construction sites are defined. If certain conditions are fulfilled, the Degree of quality level of the company have been attested. The DIN EN ISO 3834 is used for the introduction, maintenance and evaluation of the welding quality.


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